"Problem" Buildings -
how Expensive they can be?

In any building less than 40 years old or which has been refurbished in that time, you can practically guarantee that it will have an electro smog problem.
Typical symptoms are:

  • High absenteeism often localised in one or two departments.
  • Low productivity also often localised.
  • Mobbing
  • A high level of errors.
  • Communication difficulties.
  • Inexplicable complaints about the ventilation system.

How bad this will be depends upon the exact type of construction, where the main cabling lies, mobile phone and other transmitter masts in the vicinity, the type of lighting used and many other factors.

You see, it's not just the electric power cables and their quantity but the way in which they are laid and, thereby, the resonance fields which they generate. This is usually why the electro smog is much worse in one part of a building than in another.

One can, of course, invest in special insulation for power cables. This is not only merely partially effective but also has the disadvantage of being extremely expensive, especially if you're trying to cure a building which is already in use.

The problem, however, doesn't come from the electricity per se but from the chaotic way in which it is generated and delivered to you. Up to 28% of the electricity generated gets wasted in wild radiations which are not only a direct wastage but vastly more expensive through the effects which they have both on machinery and people.

Electro smog is the major direct cause of low productivity, poor production quality, absenteeism, high staff turnover, sick days, errors, communication problems and loss of sales.

It does this by interfering very strongly with the internal communication systems within the human body. The body is then much less able to cope with stress or infection and becomes ill. Electro smog will delete memory just like a strong electro-magnetic field will delete all your files on your hand drive - note, please, the human brain is much more sensitive than your computer (this said, I do know of at least one case where intense electro smog caused a computer to keep switching itself off!) Electro smog will interfere very strongly both with metabolic processes as well as severely hindering normal cell repair and replication which can lead to uncontrolled growth of wild cells. In extreme cases, electro smog can kill!

Just look at these examples:


Due to a design error this building developed the unfortunate attribute, in addition to the strong electro smog in the building itself, to draw the entire electro smog from the electricity sub-station on the other side of the road into the building. Even quite insensitive people felt ill on the upper two floors and this building stood empty for two years. A £ 29.3 Million investment bringing zero return. Two days work and a total cost of £ 6750,00 completely solved the problem and the first rental agreement came within days.

This wholesale market centre had in part very unpleasant areas where many complained that they could hardly breathe. The electro smog was, in places, so intense that the very air was charged and could not be taken up by the blood.
One day and a total cost of £ 5400.00 cured the problem and all the affected shops are now rented.

This Senior citizens residence was virtually unusable and not only mostly empty but also showed rapid deterioration in health on the geriatric wards. One days work and a total cost of £ 6800,00 completely turned things around.


Solicitor's office, Karl R.......

Over a few months, three mobile 'phone masts were placed upon the tops of nearby buildings.
The radiations from the three towers formed a node exactly where he sat at his desk. The result was to virually paralyse him - he could neither think nor move coherently when sat there.

Two different Harmony devices neutralised this node and he was able to woek normally once again.


The Harmony evolution solution is easy, quick and cheap.

The investment to completely and permanently cure the electro smog has, in all four examples above, showed a profitable return on investment within a couple of weeks. In the case of the uninhabitable office building it took 2 ½ days to show a profit!

All that is necessary is to attach appropriate Harmony devices to the outside of the power cables in two (sometimes three) stages:

The main cable into the transformer room.

The cables from the transformer room to each area or floor.

The power cables as they enter the switching or fuse box in each area or floor.

Under normal circumstances this will remove at least 80% of the electro smog and almost all of the cost causing problems arising from it.

If you are experiencing any of the problems listed above, you have probably got an electro smog problem. If others are noticing that you have such problems and you do not notice then you have definitely got an electro smog problem!

Please do something about it: It will almost certainly be the most profitable investment you've ever made.

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Feng Shui

A "lost art" in the Western World at this time. Our Celtic and Saxon ancestors knew well the importance of the direction in which a building lies and the effects of harmonic and disharmonic room proportions upon the people using them. Quantum physics also fully confirms the accuracy of these premises.

In the Far East, these arts have not died out but have become an established part of the education of architects and builders; for purely empirical reasons, i.e. it works! In Hong Kong, for example, it has for years not been permitted to begin the construction of a building unless the design is certified by a Feng Shui expert.

Many buildings in Europe and North America suffer, as a consequence, from problems associated with geopathic stress, aggressive and phobia inducing proportions and suffocating rooms where "the air just stands".

The Harmony Technology has also shown itself to be extremely useful here. It has proved possible, through the application of special Harmony devices to the walls (and sometimes ceilings) of problem areas, to "correct" the problem by re-ordering the energy structure flows.


Underground Rivers etc.

It is only in very recent years that scientists have developed devices sensitive enough to detect the disturbing influences from such sources. Although they were actually trying to prove that such things didn't exist, they ended up confirming everything that dowsers, psychics and other sensitives have said about such things.

If you have such problems, the Harmony devices can often resolve them by re-ordering the structure of their radiations so that they become harmless.

Usually, it is only necessary to place one Harmony device on the floor at each end of the stream as it passes under the building.



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