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The Harmony Conference Harmoniser was born of a special need and became a Christmas present in 2004.

The problem was brought to us by the wife of the head of a very large concern for whom we had "de-bugged" many problem buildings.

One of her worries about her husband was the conferences in which he almost daily participated.

She had long noticed that these conferences not only frustrated him by wasting enormous amounts of time whilst achieving almost nothing but also that some "V.I.P.s" with whom he had to meet regularly had personalities bordering upon the psychotic and seemed to literally suck the life energy out of him. Much of what was said in these conferences was meaningless rhetoric designed to pamper the egos of those having nothing better to do. The actual communication content was, she reported, no more than 15%!

Could we do anything about it?

Theory said, of course, yes: It was already well known that the Harmony Evolutions will clarify any relationships, even if used by only one participant. 2004 was the year in which we received three emails almost simultaneously from three women, each in a different country. Each said, in her own words, "Since I started wearing the Harmony Evolution, my mother has become a reasonable person." What was happening, of course, was that the Harmony Evolution was ordering the structures of the informational flows between these two persons and, thereby, removing the habitual conflicts. The question was how to apply this to a situation where several people, mostly antipathetic to each other's personality, were seated around the same conference table.

How could we apply the Harmony Technology to this situation where some (at least) of the participants had no interest in communication but were only there to display their own egocentric grandiosity? How could we change the situation in which the chairman was being directly psychically attacked and his energy drained?

Some further experimentation in the area of rehabilitating and revitalising rooms having "unfortunate" proportions and other unpleasant attributes (in which we had already had very considerable success) showed us the way to achieve the desired result.

What is necessary is to order not only the relatively static energy of the room but the very dynamic (and often very chaotic) energy brought to the conference by the participants.

The task is to "allow" only that information to flow which communicates meaningful information and to do this irrespective of the direction and intensity of the energy flows. The Harmony Evolution excels at this.

The photographs are of the first Harmony Conference Harmoniser which, in use, was placed as a "table ornament" in the middle of the conference table. You will note its' hexagonal form. This shape allows it to "receive" informational flows from any direction, order them and to "re-transmit" them in an ordered form.

What a conference will then often look like is that the pompous, time wasting rhetoric will be unable to find any resonance, falter and quickly stop. The attacks will be stopped in mid track to the great confusion of the attacker. Once the ten minutes of meaningful communication has taken place, the conference can be terminated. Further experience showed that those who had attended regularly but came only to attack and never to contribute anything, drastically curtailed their attendance.

Over a typical week, about 60% of the time previously spent "in conference" would be gainfully employed elsewhere. Further, the quality of the information exchange in real conference time would rise dramatically resulting in a dramatic speeding up of many projects and the obviation of many problems before they happened. The cost benefits are, of course, enormous.

Contract negotiation success rate rose from 1:7 to 1:4!

Move forwards ten years and we find the Conference Harmoniser being replaced by the vastly more sophisticated Harmony Omega II. This development does so much more than the old Conference Harmoniser and yet is considerably less expensive to produce.

To function, it need only be present somewhere in the room in an upright position. It can even be “hidden” behind an ornament and still function. When visiting other premises, it can be “surreptitiously” taken out of a brief case and leant against a chair leg.

Each Omega is individually produced and attuned to the owner. It is, thus, the only product which is never in stock. Delivery time is 2 to 4 weeks dependent upon demand.


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