On the Factory Floor


Although each factory, warehouse or shop floor is, in itself, a unique structure, each will follow the same basic principles.

In all of these, people have to be able to get in to bring in materials for processing, carry out some action with those materials and to bring the finished product(s) to the outside world for delivery to customers. Everything, no matter how large the machines in the factory may be, has to be laid out to accommodate the men and women who use and control them.

These men and women need air to breathe, heating in the Winter, cooling in the Summer and, above all but sadly neglected, clear, ordered, life-enhancing scalar energy. Without this last, the efficiency of all physical and mental systems will dwindle. The very visible effects of this are a slowing down of the work, more frequent breaks, confusion, argumentativeness, mobbing (finding someone onto whom these unpleasant feelings can be projected), more frequent mistakes, absenteeism, getting a sick note for some woolly excuse and, finally, loss of personnel either to other employers or to long-term illness.

Compared to the cost of correcting the cause(s), these are enormously expensive problems.

We have been known to turn things so completely around that people come to work when they’re not feeling so good because their experience is that they will feel better within an hour or so! 

Taking the example in this photo above, we see a large network of cables over worker’s head combined with strip lighting which often has a high-speed flicker which is very exhausting for the human brain. At ground level there is a large amount of metal framework (plus other installations less easy to identify). This type of construction will hold and focus whatever radiation is given off by all cables and electrical installations within the hall and create an environment very exhausting for the human body.

In this example, we see a network of overhead cables and the flickering strip lights combined with under floor cables supplying the sewing machines and human beings sitting in the middle of this electrical storm! Once again, the cost of doing nothing vastly exceeds the cost of applying a Harmony United solution.

In our experience it is extremely rare for shop floors not to have such problems. Resolving the cause(s) has been known to have some interesting side-effects, the most common of which is that “troublemakers” either mend their ways or seek employment elsewhere. Their replacements tend, through natural resonance, to be of a higher quality.


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