The Harmony Technology

The story of the Harmony Technology begins in 1983 with an engineering student in Stuttgart, Joachim M. Wagner. His "bee in the bonnet" was the question as to why that which is taught in the university physics text books is so much at variance with what actually happens in the real world. His reasoned questioning was answered with an invitation to look for a place at some other university. This task he achieved with some alacrity and continued his studies at Regensburg under a professor of as similar opinion to himself.

Following the attainment of his Dipl.Ing(FH) (english: between BSc. and MSc.) he continued in the same vain looking for ways of doing things which the then text books stated to be impossible.

In 1989 the first fully functional prototype of the Harmony Technology was created. These devices are still functioning with 100% efficiency 24 years later!

The technology is based upon the principles of oscillation and natural resonance and the devices are so effective in so many aspects of our lives simply because they do not work in any way similar to anything else.

This is one of the problems in describing the technology; usually, when you come across something new, you can readily describe it by saying something like, "it's similar to ......... but bigger/better/more pink or whatever". You can't do this with the Harmony Technology because there is not and never has been anything even remotely similar to it upon this planet. To all questions which begin with, "is it like ............." the answer is no!

 What the devices actually do is, using natural resonance, to bring order into (or return order to) any functioning system with which they are brought into contact. Because the effect takes place at the level of the electron stream (the elementary particles whose "signature" gives a specific chemical identity to each atom) the devices are not system specific.

All material objects be they machines, crystals, plant or animal are composed of the same basic chemicals whose identity is dependent upon the integrity of the electron oscillations. If this integrity be perturbed through whatever agency (stress, electro smog, radiation and many, many other causes) then the system in which those specific electrons are participating will lose efficiency. The more electrons which become infiltrated by the perturbations the less efficient the system will become.

The Harmony Technology devices are, basically, electron mirrors which have had many thousands of three dimensional "gateways" built into them and then three dimentionally cross-connected. An electron can enter the "mirror" in whatever state it happens to be but can only exit it along its own specific frequency pathway. This results in the electron being returned to the system in a "cleaned" state whereby it has once again its full potency. An electron in full potency will, through natural resonance, "infect" other electrons with the new, potent order. This enables the system – be this an organ, a muscle, a maschine or whatever – to naturally return to optimal function. In a state of optimal function, a system will naturally eject any perturbations or disturbances which have invaded.

It is this natural, optimal functioning which brings the enhancement in performance.

For further details see "The Dielectricum" here:


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